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Bullock, Kepple, Litten, Neff, <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2020-58 BY: <br />O'Malley, Rader, Shachner <br />A RESOLUTION to take effect immediately provided it receives the vote of at least two <br />thirds of the members of Council, or otherwise to take effect at the earliest period allowed by <br />law, establishing the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Transition Plan Task Force to create a <br />framework for the establishment an ADA Transition Plan for the City of Lakewood. <br />WrHEREAS, Lakewood is required by law is to have an ADA Transition Plan in place <br />for the upgrade and compliance of city properties and facilities including but not limited to <br />buildings, signage, website, sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks and pedestrian signals; and <br />WHEREAS, while the city has been systematically making upgrades for ADA compli- <br />ance while other repairs or improvements are being made, Lakewood had not formally imple- <br />mented an ADA Transition Plan; and <br />WHEREAS, the City also seeks to enable resident participation in identifying property <br />and facilities that require upgrades to become ADA compliant and to assist in developing a <br />formal ADA Transition Plan; and <br />WHEREAS, as set forth in Section 2.12 of the Third Amended Charter of the City of <br />Lakewood, this Council by a vote of at least two thirds of its members determines that this reso- <br />lution is an emergency measure and that it shall take effect immediately, and that it is necessary <br />for the immediate preservation of the public property, health, and safety and to provide for the <br />usual daily operation of municipal departments in that the City wishes to engage a task force <br />immediately for the purposes stated above; now, therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY OF LAKEWOOD, OHIO: <br />Section 1. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Transition Task Force is hereby cre- <br />ated for the purpose of assisting in establishing a formal ADA Transition Plan for Lakewood. <br />Section 2. The ADA Transition Plan Task Force shall be composed of seven members, <br />three of whom shall be appointed by City Council and four of whom shall be appointed by the <br />Mayor. The appointees shall have no formal term and may select a chairperson from among <br />them. Council may appoint a representative from among councilmembers to attend task force <br />meetings as a non -voting member, and in that event Council's representative shall report to <br />Council following each public meeting of the task force. The Mayor or any designee of her <br />choosing shall serve as a non -voting member. The administration shall appoint a staff member <br />for purposes of creating public notices, keeping minutes and performing other clerical duties to <br />staff the task force. <br />Section 3. The task force may call subject -matter experts to advise it on matters under <br />its consideration. <br />